we’re Jackdanza. We exist to unite the fitness community. During corona, there was a sudden surge of information around fitness and wellness. And with that came a massive amount of exposure and awareness among people. With the Internet, we as a country weren't far behind. These weren't restricted to a selected few anymore. People from all corners of India were performing these activities to be healthy.

 In 2020, we felt motivated by the corona pandemic situation at that time everyone focused on fitness. We decided fitness clothes are the best way to carry opinion in the fitness world. Armed with the mission, to help men fitness express them, we created Jackdanza. A place, a platform, where you can find amazing fitness apparel like Track Pants, Shorts, Jackets, Combo of jackets+shorts and T-shirts that help you express your fitness.

We have set out to create the most comfortable, the most stylish and worldwide activewear brand, how much we'll succeed remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, we are leaving no stone unturned to achieve this, be it selecting the finest activewear fabric available or working on endless iterations to achieve the right form of the garment to maintaining the highest production quality standards to offering limited edition infectiously energetic prints.

 Each of our apparel says something about a fitness trait, something you can connect to or connect with. Our fitness clothes are a worldwide active wear brand. Options of opinions! You shall never be limited by fitness options. You can find multiple fitness apparels in multiple colors. You will always have choices. There is something for men! Wear Your Fitness - always!!!

 Let us come to our relationship. When you decide to make a fitness purchase from us, we do not become a company and you are a customer. We became friends! Yes, friendship, that is the bond we wish to share with you. Why? Well, whom do you share your most opinions with? Friends, right! We are that! As friends, we will take utmost care when trying to fulfil your fitness order and do our best to reach you at earliest. We will be there if you face any issues and always figure out a way to help you out.